Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mental Health Outing

I love being in the outdoors and camping is one thing we have always done since hubby and I dated over 32 years ago. I always think of it as a mental health retreat. Good for mind and body.

We are going on vacation this fall and wanted to "practice" tenting. We've had a trailer or camper for several years but won't be taking either of those on our vacation.
This is where we pitched our tent. This is the same tent we used 30+ years ago too!!
Through the trees behind the tent was a river and the first day we saw a gray egret.  See him flying away from me right over the water? We also watched a beautiful bald eagle looking for supper over the lake.
Here's where we launched our little boat and did some fishing.  It looks cool but it was very hot!
South Sisters on the left. We climbed this last August. It was grueling but fantastic!

We were filthy by the time we left and we only stayed two nights. How did our practice tenting go? Don't run 14.2 miles in a training run then sleep on the ground. Every muscle hurt the next morning. Our vacation? I'd really like a state park that has showers and flushing toilets. Yea, getting old has made me soft.

Do you like to camp?


  1. I love camping but we would need a really good air mattress :). I kind of like the idea of a great hotel within walking distance of the great outdoors.

  2. Ok, how about getting a bit bigger tent with air mattresss? I will never sleep on the hard ground but will tent camp. What lake is this?

  3. and solar showers work well too.
    with a blue tarp to go around it...find some trees, hang it up...all is good

  4. Hey Lori, Your not soft...the ground is hard. Kudos to you for even testing out the old tent! Geez, we had to get rid of our old tent it was so old the rubber lining was peeling off! A new foam pad and you will be on your way!!! cheers, CW


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