Monday, September 30, 2013

Idaho Wine Run

 Me- my niece- my sister before the race. I was excited to be a part of their very first race experience!
 The race started and ended at the Ste Chapelle Winery which is about 2 miles from my sisters house so it was very convenient. Despite the skies we were in short sleeves and it was about 60 degrees.
 The run took us through several orchards of apples, peaches and pears. Some picked and some ready to be picked . It was tempting to veer off and grab a fresh apple.
 The last half mile.
Here is the pretty entrance to the winery.

Since I am doing my marathon next week I opted to run the 10K. I pushed going down a few big hills now my shins are hurting! I put ice on them and plan on doing it more this week. Time to ticking.....

Thanks for joining me online for my runs.


  1. beautiful....just wear your compression socks all day and all week for that matter.

  2. What a beautiful place to run. Go girl!!!!

  3. Wow, great scenery. How fun to run with your family! Blessings in prepping for this Sunday! I will be thinking of you and rooting for you.

  4. And where is the photo from after de run?
    Greetings from Janny Schoneveld
    (who is not running)


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