Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Portland Marathon

The beginning of a race is always exciting. This one was even more so for me because it was my first full marathon of 26.2 miles. The race started at 7 so the sun was just barely coming up. We honored the runners from Boston with a moment of silence and a song of Sweet Caroline then 4 time Boston winner counted each wave down at the start line.

There were lots of helpers all along the course. I decided early on I wasn't going to take photos, but a few spots I couldn't resist and a few others I found online. JROTC were so encouraging!
Mile 16 leads to the St Johns Bridge where we found ourselves at Checkpoint Charlie.
Photos are so deceiving, but this is a long gradual hill that leads to the bridge. Look at the amazing fall colors!
An opening and I could hardly run! I was so excited that we were crossing THIS bridge. Oh yeah, and can you tell what a wonderful day it turned out to be? Amazing race day weather!
Here we go! Mile post 17 was about in the middle. My thought? Yes! Less than 10 miles to go!
Hubby took this picture as I was approaching him at mile 19. The neighborhood here was wonderful. Thee were several block parties with huge groups rooting on runners. See my name on my bib? People were calling out runner's names- it really helped keep me going. 20.2 miles was the longest run I'd had during training so I knew it would only get harder from here till the end.
 Mile 22 I was flanked by my daughter and son who both have done the pdx marathon in 2010. They ran with me a little ways and gave me positive encouraging words to help see me to the end.

My friend Michelle met me at mile 23, It was fantastic knowing I only had 3 more miles. She gave me more words of encouragement  and I was on my way to the final stretch.

I still had to cross another bridge and at mile 25 there was Michelle again! I didn't expect to see her there and it was a pleasant surprise. My left knee was starting to hurt pretty bad right about now. My gps was running and my last mile says my pace was 14 min per mile pace.....I guess that means I was still moving, even if it was the slowest mile of the whole race. It was also the hardest mile of the whole race.
Coming down the final stretch.
The finish line! I never felt so relieved to cross that timing mat!
Here is a beautiful stack of marathon medals based on the Maltese Cross. 18 weeks of training and I feel like I earned this medal!

I have a few more things I'd like to share, but this is long enough for now. Thanks so much for coming along this little journey with me. hmmmmm, wonder what is in store for next year?


  1. Wow! What an accomplishment....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love the pics.

  2. Seeing your kids running with you made me cry.......they look so proud of you!
    Congratulations! I like your wind down day.......applique :0) perfect!

    Good for you!!

  3. Congratulations Lori! What an awesome achievement. You are an inspiration!

  4. Lori, i got quite emotional reading your post.. the wonderful pics, the commentary, seeing your kids.. very moving. I admire you so much for your goal setting and all your achievements.. i am so inspired!!
    Oh and i love your pink socks too :))) cheers, Marian x

  5. Congratulations Lori! What an amazing achievement! All that really hard work sure paid off!

  6. A beautiful well deserved medal! Congratulations Lori! You did it!!!!!

  7. You rock Lori!!! What a huge accomplishment, I only hope I can do one someday!

  8. I loved reading about your run. Congratulations Lori and way to go Michelle for the support!


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