Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pink Socks?

Several of you mentioned you liked my pink socks, well, I wasn't just making a fashion statement (haha I'm definitely not a fashionista!) they actually serve a purpose, as does the rest of my running clothes. 
I posted about compression socks here. I've noticed a huge difference in how my calves feel and my recovery after long runs when I'm wearing them. Toward the end of my training my calves were hurting a lot, especially at night, so I wore them to bed to see if it would help and it did. (hubby wasn't thrilled, but he wasn't thrilled when I woke him up in the middle of the night to rub my aching legs either)
At one time sweats and a t-shirt were probably fine to run in, but if you will be out often an investment in the right clothing is very helpful. First off, it wicks away sweat and rain,  eliminates chafing, and for me, gives me the coverage I want.  I'm 51 and don't have a model's body no matter how hard I try. It is much more acceptable these days to run in skirts (I even have two wonder girl dresses by Skirt Sports that I run in!) and my go-to brand is Skirt Sports. The clothing is an investment and should last a long time if you take care of them. I wore the skirt/capris for the Portland Marathon. The pants are snug enough to not worry about chafing and everything is in the right place. (see below)
I've invested in long pants as well.
And the skirt with running shorts underneath. (The shorts aren't as tight and chafing does occur after mile 10....)
What I love- 2 decent size pockets under the skirt. (it's on the capris and pants)   I was able to carry my phone (used as my gps) gels, clif bar, and chapstick  on the marathon. 
A week before the marathon I was still figuring out what do to with my hair. There are so many options as far as bands. At packet pickup for the wine run in Idaho I asked the gal who was helping me and she directed me to the Buff. It kept my hair from going crazy and eliminated sweat dripping into my eyes.

I will admit I bought the pink socks to match the pink Under Armour tech shirt I was going to wear.  There's nothing wrong with trying to match a little:) Oh yeah, and the bright colors will help me be seen when I'm running at home.


  1. Wow, lots of gear. I used to work in a sporting goods store and I know the right clothes make activity more comfortable. Especially the chaffing..hate that. Run on Lori!~


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