Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Holiday Bootie Buster

I have finished the first week of the 2013 HBBC! Whew!It's been fantastic!

My main changes are about drinking 8 glasses of water every day and eating at least 5 fruits and veggies daily.  I have succeeded in reaching those goals every day this past week. (insert cheering here)

As far as exercise I was doing that before the challenge but have added a bit more effort. I know snow is coming soon and I'm trying to get out as much as possible before it comes. We have had crazy cold weather this past week and I layered up and got out anyway!
This is how I started my outing the other day!

What are you doing to prevent holiday/winter weight gain and general sluggishness?


  1. Great face mask. I have thought of getting one of those from Saturday Market. Several people were wearing them at Fridays' football game

  2. Congrats on a great first week of HBBC! I've been way more motivated to reach for fruits and veggies and to get to the gym after work because of the challenge, too. Hoping that motivation continues! Good luck in week 2!

  3. Oh Lori, thanks for the inspiration. I've been counting points lately with little effect! But I think your ideas are doable. Of course thanksgiving is in 3 days soooo. we'll I'll just keep trying... Have a wonderful Holiday! cheers, CW


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