Friday, December 27, 2013

Eat Well Be Well 2014

I love to start the new year off in a healthy(ier)  way. I try and eat relatively healthy and stay active, but I always feel derailed at the holidays. This year it was mostly Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I really feel sluggish and blah after the sugar high of junk food.

With that said, who wants to come along and make a commitment for the month of January to 
"Eat Well?" I think that means something a little different for each person. For me I am going to be fairly restrictive on my diet, eliminating as much processed food as I can and anything with added sugar, especially sugar made or overly processed in a factory.

I'm actually starting today 12/27/2013 and would like an accountability partner or partners- someone who wants to go on this journey as well. Please think about it and leave a comment about what you'd like to "Eat Well" this coming month. What changes can you make to your diet to "Be Well?"

I am really looking forward to an exciting 2014 and all the possibilities!


  1. I am all in. My fridge is filed with whole food and I am determined to eat more veggies and cut out th sugar.
    Starting today with you.

  2. I am in but not until the 2nd as being on vacation with a teenager is hard to implement

  3. I am in, but due to sickness I haven't been able to get out for better food choices so my plan has been delayed a couple of days. Sunday is my new target to get going.DD is going to hook my Wii up so I can do my Wii fit program when the weather prevents walking outside. Nearly ready to roll.....

  4. I'm in Lori! I did a Whole30 in October/November and felt great! Arthritis in knees and hands gone......fell off the wagon for the holidays so I'm ready to get back into clean eating......

  5. I'm in! I'm going to try to go as vegan as possible. We watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and are recommending to a more vegan lifestyle. I want to cut out dairy and eggs. I'm trying to add more whole grains to meals.

  6. I started a Whole30 the day after Christmas, so am in on the eating well too. Good start to 2014!


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