Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 Fitness

I'm feeling good about getting this many miles in for January. We didn't have a lot of snow but I am wearing out from the cold.
I've joined the gym, at least for a month, and am looking forward to warm runs!Monday was my first day and my ITBand felt good.

I weighed in for Moving Mountains on a Tanita Body Comp Analyzer and was pleasantly surprised! Comparing my analyses from 2 years ago, I weighed less then but had more body fat.

This time:
My metabolic age 36 and my physique rating is standard muscular!

Even though I have not ran consistently since the marathon in October I can guarantee these results are from my RUNNING!  It is terrific for me to see it paying off and gives me the motivation to keep moving forward.
Now, to get off a few pounds.

I'm tracking consistently (now I am ) on My Fitness Pal. If anyone wants to be my friend on that let me know. I love accountability!!


  1. Great January mileage, Lori! Glad you found an indoor alternative to get out of the cold a little bit. Your Moving Mountains program sounds really wonderful! Congrats on your results - always so motivating to see the measureable things changing!

  2. You're doing great Lori! And a good idea in joining a gym during the cold. I completed my 4 weeks plan, I feel better but I've not lost a single gramme :( But I think that's normal. So I'm giving the plan another shot starting this coming Monday!

  3. Keep up the movativation, your doing so well. :-)


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