Monday, February 10, 2014

First Week of February

I was thrilled to have joined the gym this week as we have had snow. I'm slowly getting used to the treadmill again and really love the warmth of being inside.

Feb 3- 3 miles, my headphones stopped working and couldn't figure out how to set my running app for indoors. Slow start to the month.....
Feb 4th- upper body workout
Feb 5- 5 training miles, 3 junk miles to make up for Monday's non working app.
Feb 6- core work, stretching, foam roller
Feb 7- Was going to work out with weights at home but did my Saturday run at the gym instead. 6 miles.

Woke up to this Saturday morning and was glad I already had my run in as I would not have been able to get anywhere in my car. 

Had an amazing 2 days of a full body workout shoveling SNOW!

I'm looking forward to getting back on the treadmill today!


  1. Wow. That really is a lot of shoveling. Maybe a snow blower is in the future. Even though it may not be used often would be worth it

  2. So much so!! The winter really has been crazy this year! I think the gym is key until it all starts to warm up again!

  3. OYE Vey snow shoveling is so a workout! I seriously can't even imagine dealing with the volume you've gotten this year. Glad you have the gym now!!

  4. I got that same whole body workout doing our pile of snow here!

  5. I got that same whole body workout doing our pile of snow here!


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