Monday, April 7, 2014

Fall Half Marathon

 I signed up for this race that takes place September 13 on the Columbia River Gorge. It's going to be challenging but I didn't find a new race I wanted to do that wouldn't be so late into the year. It's an all women's race which I like too. Click HERE for more info.

Here's my spring half. I've been getting geared up for that. I'm still waiting for good outdoor running weather so I can get off the treadmill. . Got some decent temps one day last week but it sure was windy.Click HERE for more info.

Keep on moving!


  1. Great to have a few goals to strive for. Glad you are over your injuries and able to run these distances!

  2. Two great races to look forward to! Weather should get you some outside running soon! Nice to have the gym when the weather stinks, but getting the fresh air is so awesome!


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