Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Girls Half

 Packet pick up! Of course we are feeling great and excited for the run.
 Pre race selfie. Carrie-Lori- Michelle
Despite the overcast skies it was warm. 

Heading towards the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon.
After that I don't know where we were! I just followed the runners in front of me.

 It was fun to run in the forest of pines.
 I was beginning to get a little parched on the dusty trail.
I couldn't resist a photo of Mt Bachelor . 

I was so busy reading the inspirational quotes I didn't realize they were the milepost markers! lol  Right after this we started to climb! About mile 10 after a ginormous hill we were at 4000' elevation (the highest I've ran 13.1 miles). It was a butt burner and a lung burner! Thank goodness most of the rest was flat or downhill.

It was the most difficult course I've ever ran. Glad it was over!


  1. Love the pics Lori!! Looks like so much fun! How are you feeling?

  2. Woo-hoo!! Great job! Your pictures are great - I love seeing the different parts of the course. Looks tough - and at elevation! Well done!

  3. Aren't you just so proud of yourself?


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