Monday, May 26, 2014

Green Scenery

The one thing nice about being a runner is you can do it anywhere. You saw last week I ran by Lake Washington and went to a class. Here's what I did the rest of the week. Thankfully it was a taper week so I didn't have to log too many miles. But what I did log was scenic. I get so much enjoyment running in a different part of USA.

Throwing some stairs in your workout is always good!

I live in the desert so I enjoy big shady trees!!

Do you go for walks or runs in new territory or while on vacation?


  1. Thank you Lori, for sharing. You bless me with the beautiful pictures of nature, which along with music feed my soul. Yes, I walk wherever I am, Some hills in Pgh. and around our acreage and up the hill and back down on the road, and down the hill and back up the driveway. Don't walk as much as I used to. Have to decide whether to use energy for garden or walking. No garden planted yet, and I need it for my veggies I freeze to use all year. Warm enough but rain keeps coming.

  2. You got the best weather we have had in a long time!

  3. All that green comes from all the rain we've had! :) Really great that it was such nice weather for your trip though!


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