Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trail Running

Mt Jefferson
I'm trying to take the softer route when I have an opportunity. My50+ year joints are still recovering from the 26.2 miles in October! I have to pay a lot more attention when I'm on the trail, but it certainly has more "give".
Would you rather run/ walk on asphalt? Or trail?
My training is heating up and will be out for a 10 mile run tomorrow. It is the longest run since the marathon in October!


  1. Looks like the perfect place to get in a short (ha HA HA) 10 mile run!

  2. Trails. But I too much watch to ensure I don't roll my ankle...hense..I always wear a brace - but do know that it won't protect it 100%. Did try to roll it in November and I am so THANKFUL that I had my ankle brace on. Whew...dodged that injury.

  3. How'd the 10 miles go? Way to go on the mileage!! My body prefers the "softness" of trails, but definitely need to be more aware of twisting hazards.

  4. Yes, tell us how you feel after your 10 miler!


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