Friday, July 25, 2014

Catching Up

I've been moving and staying busy, but here is my catch up post!

Lunch time at the Sisters Show. Sharon, Grass Roots Quilting met us with her friend Paula.  I have previously met Sharon in Bellingham on my first trip to the Seattle area. If everything works out I'll be taking a class with her at Two Thimbles with Gwen Marston. Part of staying healthy is forming good relationships! I love these ladies!!

Sunriver is the only place I'd throw my running shoes on with a skirt! lol 
 We were dealing with days of very hot weather and smoke from fires that started from lightening.
It caused my mom to have some breathing issues and gave us a little scare. The DEQ declared our town unhealthy for all people. I didn't go running when it was like this. 

Looks! Gloves and a jacket! That was Thursday morning. The warm weather is on its way back and the fires are about under control.

PS I haven't been able to work out much as I got 2 shots this week. (One in each arm!) I'll be sharing about it soon! 

PSS I am having hot flashes this week! I thought I was going to escape them only having a couple every now and then. 

Love to you all!

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  1. Sorry about the hot flashes. I just love that photo of you getting ready for a walk in your skirt!


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