Monday, July 21, 2014

What's in My Box?

I actually didn't get a box this week, but look at this beautiful produce I picked up!

 white and orange carrots
Leaf lettuce
golden beets (Can't wait to try these)
Went to Saturday market for fruit. The bowl was packaged together for a "stir-fry" mix. What a great idea! The blueberries are amazing and plan on getting lots more of them and freezing some. 1 pound of huge Oregon blueberries was 3.50! I was surprised to see spinach still, so I snagged that as it seems to be too hot for it now.

Here's my stir fry. Isn't is beautiful? I added beef strips and stir fry sauce and it couldn't have been simpler! I love summer produce!!

What's in season where you are?


  1. This early am I picked my second picking of swiss chard--5 gal. bucket almost full. I blanch and freeze it. Last week I made a big batch of swiss chard/potato/ onion/ celery soup, with chicken broth, Yummy/ Looks like I'll pick green beans next. Everything is late because of our cold wet spring.

  2. Your stir-fry looks so good! I never thought of adding cabbage, but I will, now! I got Fennel in my bag this week, they suggested I slice it and toss with a little olive oil and roast.. going to try that, tho I have never done any thing with fennel before. I tasted a bit of of it raw, and was surprised I liked it.. roasting can only make it better!

  3. Sweet corn (we could eat it everyday!) lopes and watermelon are what I get at the farmers market. We grow everything else in our garden....which has been fantastic this year so far. Our tomatoes are finally coming in. I agree Lori....all the fresh produce us wonderful and your stir fry looks delicious! We have a u pick farm nearby and we load up on blueberries, strawberries and raspberries for freezing...they're great in smoothies.

  4. The stirfry looks amazing, so fresh and pretty. What is the purple veg, radicchio or purple cabbage?

    Onions are in season here, plus beets, tiny potatoes; small squash and some tomatoes. No corn yet. Lots of green leafy things. Onion tart is on my recipes list.

    On my deck I started late sweetpeas and nasturtium seeds, fo flowers in the early fall, I hope.


  5. I haven't had much variety in my box. I am going back to shopping the farmer's market after my next box and the end of my contract


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