Friday, August 15, 2014

Hiking Oyster Dome

The last time I was in WA my friend Laurie asked if I would want to hike Oyster Dome with her. Hubby is still having ankle issues after breaking it, so I decided "Why not?". The weather was supposed to be better......needless to say, we were on the Puget Sound so weather changes fast.
Trying to get a selfie with the Pacific Northwest Trail sign. Clean, dry and happy! 

The trail was in pretty good shape although it climbs almost 2000 feet in 3.25 miles, so some areas were very steep.

I am inspired by these two photos (and the hike itself) to make a small quilt to commemorate this beautiful area.

We rocked the hike although the top was very windy and cold and we couldn't see anything from there. 

Even as the day cleared up the top of Oyster Dome was shrouded in clouds.

It always is so pretty no matter what the weather is doing.

I took this at an oyster farm! If you have ever seen Dirty Jobs with the geoducks, this is where that was filmed. (Laurie had to bring oysters home to her husband) I will say there were nothing like the ones I ate in a Boston restaurant.

It was a doozy of a hike and after being in the car I am stiff. I've got a 10 mile run on tap for this week! Yikes!!

Have a healthy weekend!


  1. Wow Lori! Amazing pictures and awesome hike!! What a wonderful getaway....Good luck with your 10 miler. I'm doing 11 tomorrow and it will be my last long one before my race in 2 weeks. Have a good weekend....

  2. Looks like a challenge. Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the view from the top, but congrats on getting there!

  3. Beautiful hike, despite the normal PNW weather!

  4. It was a great hike. I still can't believe that it was steeper going down. Gotta love that Oyster Creek turn off, HAHAHA. I will find another one. Thanks again for doing the hike with me.


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