Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Do You Recycle?

I've just watched a good thought provoking movie called Bag it.  Click HERE to read about it.
Unfortunately my town doesn't make recycling easy and our sanitation haulers are a monopoly and do not have to do more. We have huge bins about 5 miles away that I take some garbage to be recycled. (mostly wine bottles)

In Oregon our cans have a .05 deposit, so that's an easy one to recycle. We have a newspaper bin that's easy to get to downtown and I have a compost bin for kitchen waste.
 But what about the rest? Here are two good ideas I snagged online but who really the room for this?

I'd love to hear your ideas of how you've produced less trash or how you are a smart recycler.


  1. For years we had containers in our basement and then took our recycling to the nearest facility every few weeks. Around 8 months ago we went with a new trash pick up company. They offer recycling and even provide a separate can. No sorting and they pick up every 2 weeks. It's been wonderful and very popular in our area......I see those green cans everywhere!! I use my grocery bags at the store and have a really cool holder that dries my plastic baggies after I've washed them. I know we're just one family but it makes me feel good knowing that I may be making a difference......

  2. I live in an area that is recycling friendly. Yard waste and paper, plastic, glass, cardboard recycling get picked up curbside. We have one bin for yard and kitchen waste and the other for mixed recycling. There was a big electronics recycling event a few weekends ago so we cleaned out old TVs, radio, printers, and computer component. And since we eat so cleanly, we barely fill up the garbage can anymore.

  3. love the baskets but I am always afraid the trash will draw bugs.
    We have just general recycling here, one bin for paper, one for plastic and glass. Presumably it is sorted later but who knows. I m always afraid they just toss it on the dump heap with the rest of the garbage.
    My parents' town on Cape Cod had a really great recycling place and a Dump sticker that allowed one to go there was /is highly prized by residents. [they have no garbage pickup]. It was a big production on dump day to load up the old jeep and wander thru the complex putting each type of trash, including garden clippings that were then turned into free mulch---into their proper spots. Best was the swap shop--like a very good thrift store but FREE. I d pick up jigsaw puzzles for rainy days, and books. Best find was 20 perfect Haviland plates with tiny pink rosebiuds, c. 1890s.


  4. PSlizzy again I am making kohlrabi tonight w/ your recipe. How did yours turn out?

  5. I was going to say we are lucky here in Maine because we have such great recycling programs but I should say that we have worked really hard over the years to make it happen. Most of the bigger towns have the "pay per bag" trash pick up so it really encourages recycling to save money on trash removal. Our town has single stream recycling which makes it even easier to be a good recycler. I encourage everyone to lobby for a good recycling program in your town. Keep up the good work Lori! And happy quilting.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Wendy. I know our town can improve my leaps and bound. Thanks for your encouragement to work harder for it.


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