Monday, September 22, 2014

The Center of Oregon

We passed the center of Oregon heading to a high lake for camping and fishing.

13 miles of up, up, up. The view is amazing!

Love the old juniper trees.

The lake was in horrible condition with a lot of dead fish. Ew.... no thanks! We camped and the quiet was AMAZING. The stars were plentiful and beautiful. 

We left and went to another lake.
 We were back in the high desert and it was 85+ degrees. 

The rock formations are really awesome.

The fishing was lousy, but I remembered how to drive the boat. 

It was very nice to get away and we are hoping for one or two more weekends away.


  1. I am happy to hear you had a good weekend. It does look lovely but I am ready for cooler weather.

  2. It looks so empty and peaceful. It must be very dark at night! Wonder why the fish are dying, in such apparently pristine lakes? Sad.


  3. Looks like a great weekend! I love being out in the restful.


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