Monday, October 6, 2014

Brooks Outlet

A couple of times a year Brooks outlet has a truckload sale. 
I made sure I was there the first day shortly after opening. Although it was a bit drizzly when I arrived, it stopped shortly after. I have to admit it felt like a black Friday sale! It was crazy!

And although they had lots of checkers the line was still looooonnnnnggggggg. Yes, I found way more bargains than I do on black Friday! I got 3 pairs of shoes for a little more than I've been paying for one. I'm loving to swap them out to see which ones I love the most. So far it's the Ghost Brooks shoes.

Anybody do any crazy shopping for sometime you really want? Funny, cause I generally do not like shopping.


  1. Look! The guy by the white tent has pugs! lol

    Good finds! Supposedly it is now considered best to rotate three pairs of workout shoes, so it may enhance your running. Some study in France? 39% improvement in output if one wears multiple shoes.

    I shopped for years as part of my job as a designer. Now I still enjoy flea markets and thrift shops, but I buy most everything else online. I won t wait in line at all. More that three people ehead of me I ll probably walk out unless I have a full cart of needed food.


  2. Ghosts are my favorites...I'm on probably my 6th or 7th pair. What else did you get? I can't believe it was that crazy there! So happy you found some good stuff though.


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