Friday, October 3, 2014

What in my Box?

 I didn't purchase a produce box, but got to choose my own this week, I know we are getting to the end of summer and will be working our way back around to fall produce.
Peppers: I'm still loving them any way I eat them, fresh or cooked.
Beets- still using the tops in smoothies and baking the beets and eating them while warm or using them later on my salads.
Potatoes: I don't eat potatoes much, but we are camping again soon and will be making a dutch oven stew and breakfast burritos.
Baby Kale- delicious and healthy in salads and smoothies.
The over sized green beans will be used in my dutch oven stew as well.
And the pumpkins? Well, I have to admit I bought them for decor. lol

Seen at my local grocery store today. A simple red "fresh" gala apple. If you do not buy organic here's a list of some sprays you may be ingesting. Doesn't make me want to purchase them.

Have a healthy happy weekend!


  1. Great selection! The little pumpkins are adorable! Enjoy!

  2. I am going to make pumpkin and black bean tacos this week so I need to pick up some sugar pumpkins


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