Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep Moving!

Gotta keep moving however you can!

This is my daughter who took the stairs first while I took the photo!  We were walking through Laurelhurst Park and they had these great set of stairs. 
If you've never dug for clams you don't know how much work it can be! 

The idea for my life is to move as much as possible for my health. I hope you are doing this too!

Have a healthy week!


  1. I will be moving, as soon as I get up :). Wish I could find some steps - that is a good switch up!

  2. I'm doing it Lori! 4 miles on the treadmill this morning!

  3. Does carrying Mo up and down the stairs four times a day count? Lol

    Digging um lams? Clams. Lambs?? Nope


  4. Love the intentional movement while having fun! That digging does not look easy.


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