Friday, November 21, 2014

Growing Food in Xela

If you can look past these adorable kids check out that field behind them. The area near Quetzaltenango is very fertile growing lots of fruits, vegetables and corn.

 Unfortunately we were told not to eat any food away from our hotel. 
Almost as good as my local farmer's market!
Look at how they were farming on that hillside! 

I tried to stick with fruits and veggies with a little lean protein. The desserts were generally traditional to the area and I had to try them! 
I'll be rested up soon then I will get back to eating and exercising on a regular basis.


  1. Love the pictures. Yes, you have to be very careful of eating food in foreign countries. First picture looks like collards and corn, or maybe kale and corn.

  2. I noticed the kale or collards? In the fields and thought Oh how delicious for Lori
    I forgot one can't eat raw veggies in foriiegn places Market looks better than mine! What a great experience you had!

  3. All those pretty veggies! Love seeing the pictures.

  4. The land is so fertile there because of the volcanic soil and the people are so industrious! Great shots of the vendor and moutons! So pretty!


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