Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Hiking on the High Desert

Look at this gorgeous day for a hike! My daughter Rene joined me. 

The desert is very dry this year.
This canyon has amazing rock formations.

To continue we had to cross this creek. We weren't expecting it to be running so swiftly and be this deep this late in the year so we didn't attempt it.

Our weather has been nothing short of amazing! Snow is in the forecast though. 

Get out and enjoy it while you can!


  1. We had a beautiful day today and it was nice to run mid-day in the sunshine - even if it was only 48 degrees!

  2. Wow! You are fortunate to have such lovely scenery. Those rock formations are amazing! Too true - Enjoy!

  3. Gorgeous day! Those blue skies are amazing! Love the rock formations.


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