Monday, December 15, 2014

Amazing Hike!

The weekend brought sunny skies and cool temperatures.  I thought it would be a great day to hike and see the mountains. Black Butte is near Sisters and we've never hiked it. It was "only" 2 miles up. But we decided it would be a fun one to do.
"Only" 2 miles a joke! It was 2 miles pretty much straight up. Here is the tip of Mt Washington peeking through the clouds.
Here's the three Sisters peeking through the clouds.
Here they are again, but look at the frost on the branches.
The higher we got the colder it got. Look at that frost!
We topped the butte but the trail went around to the northeast side and from there on the weather changed. I thought this was a great shot of burned trees
Snow on the trail.....but look at Mt Jefferson (or maybe Mt Hood) in the background. The clouds were moving so fast I had to click fast.
The top was brutally windy and cold! The cupola (not in use any more) was brought to the top for workers to stay in. There is a fire tower up there.
This was taken from the top. It was amazing!

I took this photo of Black Butte on the way home. It doesn't seem that tall or unassuming. I have a new respect for it now!


  1. Beautiful photos! How brave you are!

    The frost and snow make it look like a perfect winter fairyland.


  2. Oh, my, thank you for sharing your amazing day, Lori! Those views are really spectacular, and the snow and frost add to the beauty. The cold had to be pretty motivating to keep moving to stay warm, huh? :)

  3. I so appreciate your "let's do it" attitude! What a beautiful view.

  4. You inspire me so much with your quilts, now you've inspired me to go take a hike! Just beautiful!


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