Friday, March 27, 2015

Continuing my Healthy Path

I'm amping up my running in preparation for a half marathon mid-June. 
I got some beautiful veggies this week including, kale, chard and broccolini.

Despite my moving more and eating right I have not dropped one pound since starting the Moving Mountains program. Very frustrating!


  1. Love the color of that broccoli. I too have not lost any weight..rather gain. Been told to switch up my workouts as my body may be gettinf used to what I currently do. So...trying zumba and yoga

  2. Good run! Do the colors on the map show something, like different pace? Or maybe it s just how it photographed? The broccolini is beautiiiful, lovely color. And is that rainbow chard or rhubarb, what a bright pink!

  3. I need to get some broccolini -so pretty!
    I am with you on the frustration with those lbs.


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