Monday, March 16, 2015

St Pat's Dash

St Patrick's Day Races are always so festive. It is usually the first race of the year so it is a good gauge at where I'm at fitness wise.

 The two ladies I'm with trained using a couch2 5K program and this was their first race. They were happy! It is always good to set goals and reach them.

 A sea of green. It is such a fun race!
Post race party with beer, Irish stew and Irish music.

I was very happy with my time of 33:35 since I've been nursing my ankle since the January 1st when I sprained it. I sat down with a calendar and pencil and made a training plan for the 
Rock n Roll half marathon mid June. Training starts today!


  1. Good for you! Love the socks!!

  2. Good job, Lori! Let the training begin, huh? Take good care of your ankle though.....

  3. I am heading off to do some circuit work today - that Rock 'n roll will be here before we know it!


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