Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do you Like Cabbage?

I've never been a big fan of cabbage, until recently.

Since I've been getting organic, Oregon grown produce boxes, I've experimented with cabbage and now am quite happy eating it. I made egg rolls last night! My produce box contained cabbage, carrots and onion and it was the perfect mixture to start.
My friend and young mom turned me on to making them and I couldn't be more surprised at the results. I put most everything in my food processor to chop it, and that was the messiest step.
I'll post how I did it soon.
For now, look at the great benefits of cabbage!


  1. Cabbage is a favorite here! Always looking for new ways to use it though, so will watch for your egg rolls!

  2. We love cabbage! Cooked in the fall and winter, slaw in the summer, anytime really. [I have at least 6 slaw recipes we all love] Roasted wedges are wonderful, sauteed w garlic and fennel seeds, steamed with lemon, a dab of greek yogurt [plain] and lemon juice...endless ways. I m really looking forward to learning about eggrolls, what a hit that would be at my house. [or..spring rolls? even better].


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