Monday, March 7, 2016

Water Aerobics

This is another new-to-me activity I've been doing. As a participant in the Moving Mountains town challenge I got free access for 5 visits to my local pool so another friend and I decided to try it together. There is 3 different evening classes and they are all a bit different.
I was at Costco recently and found bathing suits for $20! Double bonus! Now that I've used my 5 free visits they also make a heck of deal to join until the challenge is over in May. Although I need to start running more, I'd like to keep this up for awhile.

Have you tried water aerobics?


  1. I enjoy water aerobics. If the pool water is warm. If it s chilly I d rather swim laps

  2. You lost me at bathing suit! Haha You are so fortunate to have your Moving Mountains challenge...sounds like such a great program.


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