Monday, April 25, 2016

Nutritive Cleanse

I tried this a couple of weeks ago. I lasted 3 days. It was hard to do in the midst of half marathon training.
 I do like YoungLiving products and the balance complete was delicious.... but it has 11grams of sugar in each shake and the ingredient list includes fructose! (no wonder it was delicious! right?) I also noticed my hot flashes increased, but am not sure why. (sugar maybe?)
I'm a fan of the ningxia red. (2-4oz daily)
What I discovered is that with the pup and a morning routine I'm finding it harder to fix breakfast and eat! I generally don't like doing smoothies for breakfast, but I actually enjoyed a meal replacement shake. At least for now while the morning schedule is crazy.
I picked up Vega One to try. It has great ingredients, but I have  a hunch it won't taste so delicious. I may need to add some blueberries.

Make it a healthy week!


  1. Vega one is the protein I use. Learning a lot about my blood sugar and carbs and energy these days. I have been making not-too-hard boiled eggs and having them on hand for breakfast.

  2. You mentioned that the sugar may have increased your hot flashes?? Hmm, I haven't heard that before. Have you noticed that before?


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