Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Chill

It was another hot weekend but we were in the mountains so it wasn't too bad. 
The sky both nights was amazing! We didn't stay up late enough to watch the stars but there were plenty after the sun went down. Oh it was super quiet too.
We camped at a hunting spot. The fire pit was about 6' across and 2 feet deep! Needless to say we only made a tiny fire.
We hiked on Saturday. 6.37 with an elevation gain of 1000'. I contemplated trail running  but the trail was rough. Several times we had to make our way around blow downs and even lost the trail at one point.

I could see on my GPS (using you do not need cell service to use it) Independence Mine which we hiked to.

 The Ochoco Forest has huge ponderosa pines that help put life into perspective.

It was a relaxing weekend and a good time to regroup mentally.


  1. Amazing! Glad you had a few minutes to unplug and relax!

  2. Nice, what a fun time.
    I am sure the 2 dogs get so excited to see you packing the Camper.
    Your town made our local news TWICE.


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