Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Country Girls Half Marathon

I made it! After my fall hiking South Sisters, Cascade Lakes Relay, knee pain, ortho and physical therapy visits (and the stress of my mother's death) I really did make it to the finish line of my final half marathon of 2016! I kind of surprise myself!!

 We stayed close by and I had my son and girlfriend drive me to the starting line. (they are here waiting for their Visa's to Vietnam)
 It's a relatively small race as this is only their 2nd year.
 Let's get this party started!
 You can see the pacers in front of me. (holding a turtle sign!) My plan was to keep up with them as long as possible.

 They pulled ahead of me at the mile 5 water station.
 It was such a lovely race course. Here's Mt Hood in the distance. (along with my pacers)
 I've never seen the Columbia River so calm and peaceful.
 I finished at 2:34. If I would have kept up the 11 min mile it would have been 2:24. Because my training didn't go as planned I actually thought I'd be walking more than I did. Maybe I'll try this one again next year since it was a flat and fast course.
We went out to Peruvian lunch in Portland later that afternoon. I can highly recommend Los Primas if you are ever in the area and looking for wonderful food.

Keep on moving!


  1. Way to get 'er done, Lori! Looks like it was a great day!


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