Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Hiking and Camping

We wanted to go out one last time camping and that is exactly what we did last weekend. We went to 3 Creeks Lake near Sisters.

It was chilly, beautiful, fall day. 

 There was a well known hike nearby and that is how we spent our day on Saturday. It  wasn't very long but we gained about 1000'. The views were wonderful!

 There was remnants of the latest snow. It won't be long before this is completely covered in snow.

 That's south Sisters to the right of the photo covered in clouds. That was the BIG hike we did in July.

 We put bright pink collars on Porter and Elsa to help hunters see they weren't deer!
 The next day we hiked around the lake.
 The rim up there to the right is where we hiked the previous day. It's called Tam McCarthur Rim trail and is very popular.
 Sunday while driving home was a great view of the Three Sisters. (through the old forest fire trees)

I have this great map app on my phone that I can use regardless if I have cell service or not. I've used it in France,  Bolivia , and local. It was really cold when we arrived at night at the campground and I used my app to see what our elevation was. 6551'! No wonder it was chilly!
I also used it when we got to the "end of the trail". 1177 feet elevation gain. It's called and I highly recommend it!

The camper is coming off the pickup for the winter, but our hiking boots are still readily available. If the weather holds we hope to get in more hiking this year.

I hope you all are getting outside and enjoying autumn!!


  1. Wow, so pretty! Glad you got away for a fun weekend. I just downloaded that app. Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the info about it.


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