Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn Hiking in Idaho

I'm sure many of you saw these on Facebook or Instagram, but for those who didn't here they are!
I went to McCall to hang out at my sisters condo. We both love to hike and seriously, the forecast was awful! We had a plan for the rain that included a day gym pass and an immersion pool at a spa) Thankfully the rain really only came at night. 

 This walking path was in town. The first day she showed me around. The fall colors were really pretty.
We took a drive to Burgdorf Hot springs . 

Poor girls..... just hanging out in the rain. Probably waiting for a truck or two to pick them up. 

 Burgdorf Hot springs has been around since the 1870's and not much has changed since then! Rustic is how I would describe it.
These gorgeous tamaracks lit up the forest on our way to our hike.

 Unfortunately 2.5 miles in we weren't up to fording a river, so we turned around. It was beautiful regardless of the distance.
 Then we went to Gold Fork Hot Springs. it was busy, but large enough to have plenty of space. Most of Oregon's hot springs are clothing optional. Idaho is a bit more conservative, thank goodness, and requires clothing! I'm not into bathing naked with strangers!!


  1. Fun adventure. And me either. 😨

  2. Fun adventure. And me either. 😨

  3. Beautiful Photos!!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Fun adventure. And me either. 😨

  5. So fun! It looks beautiful. I d love to try a hot springs---clothed of course.


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