Friday, December 9, 2016

Soup Makings

My poor, neglected Get to Goal blog :( November was pretty much a blur......
We got close to 8" of snow yesterday so I thought it was time to prep for more soup. 
My friend, Juliann, made this suggestion and I love it.

As you are cooking and prepping throw your veggie scraps in a baggie or container in the freezer. When it is full put it all in a big pot with water and simmer to release all the wonderful flavor,

My camera lens fogged up while taking this photo. I used some leek greens, onion skins, carrots that had seen their days as a snack, and some garlic pieces. 
I toss the cooked leftovers in my compost pile.

I now have 12 cups of homemade broth without any unnatural ingredients. 

Now that winter has officially arrived I'll be fixing soup or crockpot once or twice a week. 

I'd love to hear any easy kitchen tips or tricks.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea! I'm going to try it, too! I've also heard about freezing broth in an ice cube tray as you sometimes need just a small amount!

  2. Great idea, I love making soups all winter. I have no great hints to share but I ll look forward to reading others.


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