Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blog is Neglected, Not Me!

 While in the Seattle area a couple of weeks ago Michelle and I went for a run by Lake Washington. I'm still on task for the Couch 2 10K. When I haven't ran in a few months (November- January)  it is always a good idea for me to add my minutes back in slowly. I'm halfway through the 12 week program and feel like I'll be ready to run the 10K April 23rd in Bend, Oregon. I'm using THIS training.  The ultimate goal is to be prepared for the Cascade Lakes Relay in August.

I'm still going to yoga and I absolutely love it. A well trained instructor makes all the difference in the world! She started teaching a spinning class too, which I'm also doing once a week.

So, keep on moving!


  1. You're always an inspiration!

  2. I have a 10k coming in June and have also been slowing adding up the minutes and miles. Started doing some cardio workouts this week too - on step at a time


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