Monday, March 13, 2017

In the Kitchen

Here's a new-to- me kitchen appliance!

It's an Instant Pot!! Basically an electric pressure cooker with added features. It sautes and is a slow cooker. It says it is a 6 in 1, but I haven't tried all the features yet. I've made a pot roast, whole chicken, chicken breast which I shredded for tacos, veggie stock from scraps, chicken stock from bones. There is so much more it can do and I'm learning something every day.
If you have an Instant Pot do you have a favorite recipe?


  1. I am a "pothead"!!!!! I got my Instant pot for Christmas and LOVE it!. My husband calls it the Magic Pot. One of my favorite recipes is unstuffed cabbage bowls. I have made yogurt several times, and have proofed bread in it. Of course the soups and pasta dishes are wonderful. Enjoy it. You can check my Pinterest board for recipes I have been collecting.

  2. New to me me too, very interesting! Does the pressure cooker function make things cook really fast?


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