Friday, April 7, 2017

Hiking Central Oregon

We were so snowed in most of the winter that as soon as a little spring weather hit we were outdoors  enjoying a few local hikes. Except for the last 3 photos these were all different hikes. 

 Old Criterion Ranch hike. It was a little early in the year and very muddy! 
(Porter and Elsa in the photo didn't seem to mind the mud)
Trout Creek Hike (this is actually the Deschutes River) 

This is Crooked River

 Stealhead falls on the Deschutes River. 
 View from Gray Butte. It was supposed to be sunny this day.... 
Then we hiked into Walton Lake in the Ochoco mountains. Although it is about 
5000' elevation we were surprised to find so much snow! It was hard to see where the trail is. In some places we sunk to our knees. 

 We brought our fishing poles. We weren't prepared to ice fish though, so we just enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was chilly, but oh so pretty! Look at that blue sky!
We hiked out a different way than we hiked in and passed the pay station. It really gives you an idea of how much snow is still there. 

I've definitely been staying active and still on track for my 10K training for the race in 2 weeks. 

I hope you are having a healthy spring!

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