Monday, April 17, 2017

Looking for Spring

We've had little glimpses of spring and I'm in search!

desert phlox

Probably weeds, but they are pretty in abundance. 
 We headed up to the mountains and the trails are still buried in snow! We had to look for lower elevation to take a walk. This is the East Fork of the Hood River.

We drove up to historic Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood and wow! What a view!

You may recognize this if you've ever seen the movie The Shining. 

The lodge was one of many that were built in the 1930's by the WPA to put people back to work during the great depression. I wish we made things this well these days. 

This is a hooked rug made from the uniforms of the WPA workers! 
I thought that was so cool. They wasted nothing! Let's take a page book from the 1930's!

Read about the historic lodge HERE. 

Keep on moving!


  1. What a fun and interesting day out! The doggies look like they had fun. Do you pack the car with an assortment of shoes and boots and jackets? Imagine needing snowshoes or boots in almost-May. The hooked rug is unusual and beautiful.

  2. Those flowers are just beautiful!


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