Friday, May 5, 2017

In Search of Spring

There is still a little snow on the mountains, but this particular day I didn't need my spikes! LOL  A friend asked if I want to hike Dog Mountain on the Columbia River and of course I said YES!

 Here's the Columbia that separates Oregon from Washington. We were above the tree line at this point. It was 3.8 miles of some serious altitude gain!

 American Women who Hike is a new facebook group I've joined started by Bethani who is in the center. This is us at the top.
And us back at sea level. I've been sore all week! LOL

Get outdoors!

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  1. It looks fun but that steep drop off would scare me. How long does a hike like this take? Do you stay together or some are faster than than others and go on ahead.


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