Monday, June 19, 2017

Running in Ohio

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know I like to run in different areas I'm visiting. Near Kathy's  is the Greenway Trail  which was absolutely beautiful! They have paved over old railway lines and now they are used for bikes, runners, walkers. 

Spring was a perfect time to be enjoying the trail for the first time!
For my first run I made the mistake of taking this route back to Kathy's. What you can't tell is that this is a very busy road with hardly any shoulder!

The second run I had Kat bring me to the trailhead and asked her to pick me up in 45 minutes. That worked out and although it was a bit of a pain for Kat it was nice not to run on the busy road!
Look how pretty this is!

For a time I thought Tarzan might come swinging through on a vine!


  1. Looks like a lovely place to run.

  2. It was not a pain in any way for Kat to shuttle you and keep you safe, to live to run another day!
    So glad to have you visit, it had been too long!

  3. Beautiful,
    What IF Tarzan had come through?
    Enjoying ALL the posts!!


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