Friday, June 23, 2017

Hiking Central Oregon

Sometimes it is a challenge to find a hike close by. I really don't like driving 2+ hours to find a good hike in the mountain and trees. 
Central Oregon high desert does have beauty of its own, but you have to look for it!

 My world is starting to brown up despite the wet spring. The buttes and grasses will stay brown until they get covered with snow. Arrowleaf balsamroot is native to my area and is such a bright spot in late spring.

 We made it this far, but weren't prepared to cross. 
 It was a warm day and Elsa was happy for the water.
The canyon has some wonderful rock formations.

The weather has turned very warm and any hiking I do will need to be in the shady mountains or very early morning. 

I hope your days are filled with lots of sunshine and fun! Summer is officially here!!

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  1. I have been doing more local hiking to get ready for our walking trip. I hope to continue when I return. Lots of great day hikes around here too.


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