Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Staying Active While Cruisin'

We put in our fair share of steps this past week!

Our first stop was Juneau. 

We were told by a shop owner we MUST go see the bronze life size humpback whale sculpture. Oh, it's just a little ways down the road...... 2 miles later we found it and it wasn't even completed! LOL
Found this cool sculpture on our way to Mt Roberts tram. 

 The views were amazing. 

There are trails at the top that we hiked. 

When we were at sea we stayed active by dancing! The music was a lot of fun. 

In Skagway we signed up to go hiking to Laughton Glacier. It was amazing!

 Here are our 3 guides. They were awesome! Girl Power!!

We split into groups and we were the fastest, so we went farther with the head guide. I kept thinking "I'm hiking on a glacier in Alaska!" How cool is that?!

Back on the ship......
More fun music, more dancing.

In Ketchikan we went kayaking. 
And in Victoria BC we went biking!
And of course, the size of the ship means lots of walking! here....

 or here.

My fitbit stats for last week!

No excuses! Let's keep moving!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your cruise..I would love to do another. Thanks for providing photos!

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing your trip. 20,000 steps is the highest I've reached yet. 34,000 is rather amazing!

  3. You did a great job staying active! Inspired 😁

  4. Awesome trip and you look so relaxed and happy. I love the whale sculpture and stunning outdoor views.


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