Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January HIking

While many were in the deep freeze we had a sunny but cold day. We didn't waste it as it has been very gray and gloomy. 
Our plan was to go on a 5 mile loop starting at Tumalo Falls. The road to the falls was closed so we started with a 2.5 mile trek down the road. 

 And finally made it. 
 We hiked to the top of the falls which was where the loop was going to start. 
 We put on our yaktrax, since the trail was ICE and very slick!
 The loop has 10 waterfalls and we made it to the first one called Double falls.
 I really liked the black and white since there really wasn't a lot of color anyway. (notice I got out my trekking poles too!)  We went back the way we came, but when we got to the falls we saw a trail that would bring us back to our vehicle. That sounded a lot more fun then trekking the road.
 This looks like a fun, flat area, but it was still very icy. I think my yoga was put into action- I'm learning balance.

And we got back to the truck about 4:50. I wasn't keen on using headlamps on the ice. Thankfully we didn't have to. Boy, I was sure sore later that day and the next! I got an extra workout. 7.11 miles total and 4.6 on ice. I'm looking forward to returning in summer!

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