Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Gee, I think the high the past few days has been about 20 degrees. I've tried to walk outside just about every day but I'm getting tired of the cold even if I am wearing many layers. When Weight Watchers came out with the Walking DVD/CD one of the members asked my opinion about it. Well, I hadn't even looked at it so I brought it home and ended up buying it. It was a great alternative today.

If you are like me I was wondering "How in the world can you walk indoors while watching television?" Can you take my word for it? It's possible. The next time you are at a meeting look at the cover and check out all the options. (Indoor, outdoor, 10, 20, 30 or 40 minute walks, etc.) I downloaded the outdoor walking CD to my computer then downloaded it onto my Ipod. That way if I am tired of the same music I can put it on and just walk.

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  1. hey mom! It has been cold here as well making it impossible to ride my bike. Another at home workout alternative is on youtube. I typed in "8 minute workouts" and there are 5 really great short workouts which focus on the arms, buns, legs, abs and stretching. They are really simple movements which truly workif you focus on them. Plus, they are only 8 minutes long, so you can do all the workouts, or just one, depending on the time you have!


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