Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you Dine Out?

I think we all have to eat out at some point on our weight loss journey. Be prepared!! I keep my Dining Out Companion in my car, I mean, what good is it if it is at home with all your WW materials? The 2008 version is really great. Have you taken the time to look through it?
The first 67 pages are helpful tips to help you navigate restaurant eating. This is followed by restaurant food listings for popular chains. This isn't foolproof, but a good guide. You won't find your locally owned joint in the book but near the end you will find a generic food listing for different types of restaurants. Make sure to check it out and keep it handy if you eat out.

I'm thinking ahead about how to make game day on February 3rd healthy. Every weekend we've been watching the playoffs and for Superbowl we'll have a houseful of football fans, mostly guys who are not on Weight Watchers!! If you are entertaining on Superbowl Sunday think ahead and be prepared.

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