Friday, May 2, 2008

Make a Meal- Quick!

Even if I run a little low on groceries I keep a few basic staples that help when I need a healthy meal in a hurry. This week we came up with lots of food items that can be used to make quick healthy meals. Also check your Kickstart for a list to get you started for stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer.

Canned tomatoes, sauce, paste, etc.
Canned beans (black, kidney etc)
FF cheese
prepackaged already cut up veggies
water packed tuna
canned chicken or salmon
variety of pasta
frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
chicken tenders
frozen veggies
WW frozen meals

Food scales or Measurite spoons to help with portion control
a good sharp knife
food processor or chopper

Make sure your environment is positive for weight loss and better health!!
Have a great weekend!!

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