Friday, May 9, 2008

Weight Management: What a Bargain!

Do you ever feel that eating healthy has raised your grocery bill? I know I look at price and more than once have returned something to the shelf because I thought it was too expensive.
While some things can be expensive this week we talked about what can save us money.

Short term bargains included:
Not eating as much as we previously did. Food in your cupboard should be lasting longer. (Unless of course, you have a household of teens, like me!)
Splitting meals when you are eating out is going to save you money. Or just ordering an appetizer.

Make a list before you shop.
Don't go shopping when hungry.
Avoid impulse buying.
Shop for produce that's in season.
Use the grocery store ads to make your menu by purchasing what's on sale.

The long term Payback for weight loss includes:

Lifetime membership at Weight Watchers (free meetings!)
Good Health and quality of life. (think of the money you'll save by not going to the doctor's office)
Emotional benefits

I think the long term benefits are crucial. How do you feel now that you've lost 15 pounds? 25 pounds? I remember when I was losing weight my energy level went up and was generally just a happier person to be around. I felt good about myself and knew I was making a lifetime change. It's been 6 1/2 years since I walked into Weight Watchers. I can't imagine if I was still packing around the extra 50+ pounds. I am active and enjoy life more.

That's what I want for each one of you. Do you want that for yourself? Are you worth the effort and work it takes to lose weight? Of course you are!! Keep going and you'll accomplish your goals. I believe in each one of you!!!


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