Friday, June 27, 2008

How to "Trick" Yourself into Eating Less

This week we listed tips to help us eat less without feeling deprived. Several of these we've heard a lot about but it doesn't hurt to hear them again.

Use smaller dishes and utensils.
Drink from a small wine glass and large water glass.
Make your plate with pretty with garnish. Give it some eye appeal.
Have a broth based soup before your meal or drink hot tea (no sugar) with your meal.
Choose from the Core list to find satisfying foods with fewer calories.
Eat a variety of food types.
Eat slowly. Enjoy the taste and textures.
Keep trigger foods out of reach and sight.
Keep stocked up on healthy food and low point snacks.
Purchase single serving size.
Tell yourself you can have this food again. It won't become extinct!
Remember the first few bites tastes the best.
Fill your plate with lots of vegetables before serving meats or starches.
Don't allow yourself to get too hungry.
Plan your meals ahead of time.
Drink plenty of water.

I'm sure you can think of other ideas that have worked for you. Plan on implementing at least one or two things you will do this week and write it down!
Consider the Labor Day goal we made a few weeks ago. Are you on track to your Winning Outcome?

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