Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your Eating Pattern for Success

Is your eating pattern helping your weight loss? Maybe you don't even know if you have one!

A structured eating pattern means you eat meals and snacks pretty much the same time each day. The advantages of this are that your body gets used to being nourished at regular intervals. The disadvantage is that "life" doesn't always cooperate.

An unstructured eating pattern means that you don't have regular eating times. The advantage is the flexibility you have, but the disadvantages are that you may go too long without eating and lose control. (This was me before WW)

There is no right or wrong eating pattern but it is important to make your eating pattern work within your food plan. (Flex or Core)

How often you eat is usually related to how satisfied you feel. We need to minimize hunger and maximize satisfaction! I encourage you this week to track, not only your food, but your satisfaction level after you've eaten. Maybe you'll see a patten that will help you find satisfaction and continued success.

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