Friday, November 21, 2008

Managing Special Occasions

Anybody have a special occasion or two coming up? How about the one that is officially 6 days away!? Yikes! I'm hosting so I should be doing some grocery shopping and cleaning this weekend.
This week we talked about strategies for managing special occasions. The holidays revolve around food so we better figure out how we will manage to stay in control of our appetite. (and emotions)

Take a moment and reflect on the benefits you have received since starting Weight Watchers or what you appreciate the most about losing weight and eating healthier.
For me, I feel so happy to move more freely. To run around with the dog outside, take a hike and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and just to fit into smaller spaces better! hahaha This was a bonus when we visited our son in Europe. Seriously, I am happier! Sure, I had happy times and had joy when I was overweight, but something more than the weight came off. I feel like a new me came out.

If you can focus on those things over the holidays or when you want to overindulge you will more likely be able to navigate successfully through the end of the year and beyond. Aren't the things you thought of more important than pumpkin pie?

With that in mind, let's move on.


If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house that should be relatively easy. If not, you need a plan.
I love the interactive Cheat Sheet for Thanksgiving that Weight Watchers has on their site. Go ahead and check it out. How many points will your dinner be? Is it reasonable? Can you work it into your points budget? Don't forget about your 35 weekly points.
Make sure you know the points values of the foods you will be eating. If in doubt, go without!


*Make sure you know how much a serving size is.
*Fill your plate with plenty of vegetables.
*Plan to see some plate between your food.
*Use a smaller size plate.
*Don't skip meals.
*Wear fitted clothing (my favorite!!)
*Focus on family and friends


None of us joined Weight watchers solely because we ate dressing or pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It really comes down to day to day eating. What kind of food, how much, and how often.
Have a plan to deal with leftovers.

I suggest making a menu for the whole day following Thanksgiving. Write it down in your tracker so you'll be prepared.

Remember it is a holiday, not a holiweek!

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