Monday, November 24, 2008

Nutritional Information

I shared with my meeting that my SIL was picking up a couple of pies from Costco for Thanksgiving. I've emailed them inquiring about nutritional information. I'll share that with you IF they contact me back.
I will be making my low point apple pie, but I like pumpkin better:)

I did find out some interesting tidbits:

One Costco blueberry muffin has a whopping 32 g of fat!!! 14 Weight Watcher points!!!
One db chocolate muffin has 38g fat-16 Weight Watcher points!!!
One almond poppy seed muffin - 38g fat- 16 Weight Watcher points!

I used to eat those?!? Holy Moly!!
For some of us that is almost all of our daily points!
A burger king whopper (with mayo) has about the same amount of fat as these muffins.

I think Costco is doing us a disservice by not providing their members with easy access to the information we need to make good choices.

Have a terrific day!!

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